Courses - New Zealand

Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Postgraduate Programmes:

Undergraduate Courses (single units):

Antarctica (ANTA101):
Duration: One Month (normally happens during November to December each year)
A distance ONLINE course introducing relevant current issues related to the Polar region studies (such as climate change, environmental management, living resource conservation and protection etc.). Eligible for worldwide candidates.

Antarctica: The Cold Continent (ANTA102):
Duration: Four months (normally happens from February to June each year)
An introductory course about Antarctic continent, sea ice, weather and climate, and human interaction and legal issues etc. 

Antarctica: Life in the Cold (ANTA103):
Duration: Four months (normally happens from June to November each year)
A biological emphasis introductory course about Antarctica, sub-antarctica, and the Southern Ocean.

Antarctica and Global Change (ANTA201):
Duration: Four months (normally happens from July to November each year)
The course provides a multidisciplinary understanding about effects of global change in Antarctica.

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