Courses - Japan

Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo

NOTE: Hokkaido University semester runs from April till March.

Special Lectures:

ILTS offers special lectures for IAI students, please check their website.

Field Courses:

ILTS organises some exciting winter field trips, which provide students with opportunities to learn techniques for snow and ice observation. These field courses are NOT available every year; please contact Associate Prof. Aoki Shigeru ( for detailed information.

Sea ice field course at Okhotsk Sea, Lake Saroma, Hokkaido:

ILTS organises this special field course in Lake Saroma biennially. Last course ran in 2015.  Lake Saroma is located at the north shore of Hokkaido, closely connected to the Okhotsk Sea.  The field course allows students oppotunities to observe physical and biological properties of sea ice in situ and learn varieties of techniques.