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Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, IMAS, Hobart

Masters of Marine and Antarctic Science - average time 1.5 years

The Masters of Marine and Antarctic Science is a specialised master degree course in marine biology. It provides students with advanced instruction and training in emerging approaches and technologies in marine biology. The course is designed to produce expertly trained scientists with international experience and skills in research and its application to arears of Antarctic marine science. MAntSc students will develop an understanding of the role of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic marine ecosystem plays in the global climate system. Within this MAntSc students are able to cross-credit study programs and may choose to take electives available at one of our 26 IAI partner universities and/or undertake their research project associated with expertise available through the IAI consortium.

Single unit:

Each unit under the Master of Antarctic Science is avaiable for IAI students to apply. Units include:

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Antarctic and Southern Ocean Internships

Internships involve an approximately 6-10 week supervised placement as an intern with a special interest in one or more disciplines covering scientific research, legal, social, economic and policy research.